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If your business has a problem with inefficiency, finding the answer to your issue shouldn’t cost you huge amounts of time and money. You need a solution that you can apply efficiently and effectively, without wasting your resources. You may already be aware that technology can often help you to reach your goals, but have you thought about how internal business apps could make your business more efficient?

Mobile apps are diverse tools that allow your business to work smarter and meet a variety of needs. If you’re looking for a way to be more productive and more organised, apps like Rugged Data’s can solve a number of problems.

Boost Productivity

Using a business app could have a significant impact on your productivity. One study showed that mobile apps could help employees be up to 34% more productive, gaining 240 hours more from each employee. When you find the right apps for your company’s needs, you can cut out the time-wasting tasks that are slowing your business down.

A PDF form creator app from Rugged Data allows you to quickly create custom reports that are pre-formatted and on brand with your business, saving time and improving efficiency. In minutes you can have forms and invoices created, sent to the right people, and approved.

Improved Communication

Poor communication is often at the heart of business efficiency problems, but the right app can make a huge difference. If your team is communicating properly, you can reduce mistakes, speed up workflow and address employee frustrations.

With a Rugged Data app, invoicing becomes much faster, saving you days and even weeks by sending invoices to the right people in seconds. Business apps make it easy to cut out delays, and especially keep mobile teams and office staff in touch. Everyone can access the information that they need with the tap of their finger. You can raise satisfaction levels among both staff members and customers with improved communication.

Work Well on the Move

Teams of remote workers have existed for a long time, from travelling salesmen to plumbers. But now technology is catching up, and giving them the tools that they need to do their jobs more efficiently. Mobile apps are the perfect solution for mobile workers.

When someone is out in the field, they need to stay in touch with people back at the office. They might need to communicate about their duties, capture and send data, or report on their work in real-time. An app from Rugged Data makes reporting and mobile work simple, keeping the back office up to date with remote work. The creation and transfer of data is simpler and faster, reducing mistakes and lost information.

Cut Costs and Grow Your Profits

If your business is experiencing an inefficiency issue, you could be wasting money, as well as time. More efficient businesses can avoid wastage, giving them more funds to drive growth. Apps are a much more cost-effective alternative to many more traditional, slower and less efficient business processes.

48% of employees waste three hours a day due to inefficient systems, which costs the average business at least £28,000 a year. Some companies can save hundreds or even thousands of pounds a day just by going paperless through the adoption of apps and digital tools.

Enterprises are embracing mobile apps that can be quickly configured to capture your company-specific data and deliver features that grow with your business. They can can help you pilot ideas, gain feedback and refine your business processes all whilst keeping the cost, time frame and risk low.

Bring your business up to date by adopting useful apps. The right tech could make a huge difference to your day-to-day operations. The Rugged Data team has worked within industrial data capture and enterprise mobility space for over 15 years. We aim to deliver simple and elegant tools that help people do what they need to do, whenever and wherever they need to get work done.