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Investing in technology, such as a custom internal business app from Rugged Data, keeps your whole team on the same page. Whether they are in the office or working in the field.

Part of the initial challenge of implementing standardised work is to communicate up-to-date set of processes to every member of your team. Today, over 80% of the world’s workforce are deskless. Trying to get critical, sometimes complex, business procedures to staff who infrequently visit the main office can be difficult.

A custom data capture app from Rugged Data gives you a method to implement standard business processes and continually improve them. Here’s how a Rugged Data internal business app can streamline work and support Continuous Improvement efforts.

Standardising processes with an internal business app

A mobile work app standardises work by detailing every step that needs to be carried out as part of a job. This ensures that expectations are clear and transparent for your employees, by setting out company wide, standardised processes to follow.

On site this keeps your team focused, giving them the information that they need to do and report on their work. Having a guide at hand for employees to follow gives them confidence to do their work. They always know that they always have clear instructions available on their device to follow.

Instantly update processes with iterative improvements

Once standard work is defined, your business can start to optimise its performance. Small, iterative refinements to your business processes can be rolled out centrally, updating all remote devices at once. This ensures that all of your employees are always using the latest version of your process. Shaving ten minutes from a job that is repeated twice a day leads to 100 minutes reduction in job time per employee per week. Even tiny improvements can scale to huge overall benefits to your company.

Employees often make cost effective suggestions for improvements that can reduce business costs and eliminate waste in processes. An internal business app can help you trial and implement employee suggestions easily and economically. When your team understands that their ideas and contributions are valued, they’ll become part of a far more inclusive and effective working team.

This culture of continuous improvement helps your customers benefit from receiving what they want the first time. Regularly updating your processes can help you prevent mistakes and keep your customers satisfied.

Work fast on the move, eliminate cumbersome adminstration

Building your own app for your business allows you to detail identical response phrases. This helps create a common and consistent language for your work. Onsite this makes work fast and easy, choosing standard answers where possible, rather than having to key or pen notes.

Photographs can be automatically inserted into the appropriate sections of professional reports. Data captured or measurements recorded can be auto-assembled into tables. Our apps standardise professional reporting, saving time back in the office associated with the manual assembly of job paperwork. Reports are professionally formatted by the system into your brand’s style, saving your team hours of administration.

If required, data can be extracted into a spreadsheet. Or, you can integrate your app with your existing office systems to benefit further. With one survey revealing that more than 80% of business leaders struggle with different apps and systems not talking to each other, integration is a significant issue to address. Your app makes remote working processes smoother and easier to manage, helping both your remote team and office workers.

Working alongside a Rugged Data Business Analyst, you’ll always have the ability to optimise your processes for greater efficiency, accuracy and productivity.